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Smart and Steady Ways to Win Business Race


Win Business Race

Smart and Steady Ways to Win Business Race

Growing up, you must have heard the bedtime story of the rabbit and the tortoise. It was one of the stories that taught us that speed or appearance don’t matter when it comes to winning a race. Ideas and determination are the true fuel that surpass all else, and help you reach success. This stands true even in the case of handling a business; large or small. Making your business grow is all about ideas and growth hacks that will help you pave your path towards a successful business journey.

1) Always have a growth plan ready

As all races do, this one too starts from a common starting point. To grow your business, you need to first establish a foundation to grow on. This would include increasing your knowledge about the market, understanding your competitors and making a growth plan. You can read more about these steps here.

2) Prioritise Content Marketing

According to Demand Metric, content marketing costs 62% lesser, while it generates three times more leads than traditional marketing. Making optimum use of your social media profiles to convey your content / services / products to the audience generates awareness and wide reach. Alongside this, hosting an informative blog on your website (if you have one), conveys the knowledge you have in your area of business and industry. This builds credibility and has the potential to turn your webpage visitors into potential customers.

3) Build social proof

Bright Local, an international marketing platform conducted a local consumer review survey that revealed that 84% of people surveyed, trusted online reviews and testimonials as much as a personal recommendation of a certain business or service. Build a social presence that welcomes reviews and testimonials online. This could be done easily by making a google business profile.

A business profile would ensure your location being featured on google and also provide an easy platform for users to leave you reviews. Make sure you analyse your reviews and reply to them. If you have a website, feature some of the reviews by your customers and record testimonials which could convert your website visitors into potential customers.

4) Partnerships

Strategic partnerships can result in gaining funds and raising money without encountering debt. A recommendation-based collaboration with a complementary business will always help your own business grow as well. For example, if you have an electronics retailer shop, partner with a repair service which can help recommend your business to its own customers, while you do the same for them. This will broaden your service offerings and help in mutual growth of both businesses.

5) Automate the Workflow

A day in the life of a small business owner is filled with chaos and mayhem in most cases because there are too many aspects to supervise and less people to do so. However, this can be taken care of by automating work as much as possible. Using tools such as email marketing , Facebook chatbots, OBD (Outbound Dialler) solutions and bulk sms services. Track your readership and retention using tools such as Google Ads. This will help you focus on structuring and ideating the perfect business strategy.

These are some ways that will help you enhance your business and reach it to the top by helping you focus on the race. As you go on ticking each of the above points as you adopt them in your business, know that you are reaching closer to success by leaps. Being smart is essential when it comes to leading in a race. For more help in cracking the perfect business hack for your own business, check out our other blogs.

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