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How Marketing Can Help Your Business



How Marketing Can Help Your Business

An online presence can boost your reach!

● Over 60% of users use mobile devices to search local businesses.
● MSME reported 27% higher revenue growth due to e-commerce.

Referrals are a bridge to getting more

● Revenue is always dependent on sales.
65% of new business is generated from referrals.
● Word-of-mouth drives at least 5x more sales than paid impressions.

Get better insight into your business

● Digital marketing gives you insight on customer reach, website visits, customer traffic, etc.
● These trackers help you track consumer behaviour, the value of your product, market share, etc.
● Such insight can prove as a resource towards developing the ideal business strategy.

Product review is the key!

● Customer Feedback helps you understand how your product is perceived in the market.
● In social space , if your product reviews are visible to the masses, then there is a chance of acquiring new customers.
42% of the site administrators have reported increases in average order value, versus only 6% that report a decrease with inclusion of reviews.

Essence of Brand recognition and identity

● Creating a unique brand identity helps your business stand out.
77% of B2B marketers claim branding is crucial for growth.
● Presenting your business across all platforms can increase revenue up to 23%.
59% of buyers prefer to buy new products from the brands they trust.

Marketing your business can not only help you generate more revenue, but it will also help you create a lively online presence; a resource in itself.

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