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Out of the comfort zone and into the customer zone


Comfort zone, customer seller relationships

Out of the comfort zone and into the customer zone

The prolonged quarantine of 2020 has not only affected social circles, but customer-seller relationships may also have taken a hit. This has called for many businessmen to find ways and means, to regain/retain their old customers.

We have gathered a few tips for you to do just that. Follow the simple ideas that have been listed below and you won’t be worrying about your customers forgetting you any time soon.

1) Plan a Social Announcement (online) for when
you resume operations

While most businesses have already resumed with necessary precautions, a resumption of services isn’t useful until
your customers know about it. Plan a social media announcement or send out an email/SMS/Whatsapp to your customers
to let them know that you’re ready to welcome them back. If you don’t have a database of contact details, social
media posts can help you cope with this without any kind of trouble. A pro tip could also be to change your cover
picture on your Facebook page so whenever someone is directed to your page, they know that you’re open for business

2) Update your ‘Google My Business’ listing
with new operation hours

With the current situation across the globe, you don’t need us to tell you that it is unsafe to reboot your business
and go back to functioning like how you did before the lockdown. This means that you can’t be functional full-time.
Hence, a smart way around this could be by updating your operation hours on your ‘Google My Business’ listing.

3) Sell the content/products that matter

One needs to be sensitive through this time to help his/her community. If you have a general store or if your
business revolves around FMCG products, add masks, gloves, sanitizers, etc. in your product listings. Let your
customers know that you care about them and their safety as much as yours.

4) Listen to Customer Feedback

While we already covered how customer feedback plays an important role in determining the future of a business, one
can’t deny the role that feedback plays now, especially after the long quarantine gap. Listen to your customers and
always accept their feedback constructively. The next best idea to grow your business might just be coming from your

Always remember that businesses that evolve with time are the ones that remain intact in the long run. Adapting to
times as they change is one of the most vital characteristics of any business.

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