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MSMEs That Chose To Think Differently!


MSMEs That Chose To Think Differently!

MSMEs That Chose To Think Differently!

Being different from your competitors may seem like a risk, however, when you are doing something different than the rest, it’s easier to catch the eye of your potential customer base. So if you ever have an idea which seems a bit different than what your competition is doing, rather than forgetting about it, think more to align it in the interest of your own business.

For example, if you own an electronics store, assure your customers that you would provide them with the necessary servicing and repair at a discounted rate if they buy electronics from your store. This would not only build your sales, but would also increase customer loyalty and retention within your business.

However, the above example is only one of a kind when it comes to making your business unique and different within the industry you function in. India currently is home to over 6 crore MSMEs, and the key to making your business stand out is to make the most of your potential by providing your customers with something different and valuable.

In 2019, YourStory, in association with the Ministry of MSME, Government of India held the ‘Brands of India 2019’ . 41 MSMEs were identified to receive recognition at these awards for something that they did differently from across sectors. Their extraordinary approach towards their function was what helped them reach the ground of success.

Here’s a list of a few that caught our eye:

1) Plasti Surge

A Small Enterprise in Maharashtra, Plasti Surge Industries played a vital role in introducing disposable healthcare products. They started with manufacturing disposable plastic gloves, umbilical cord clamps and glass syringes. PSI has worked relentlessly for 15 year with every state-run medical corporation for supplies of healthcare disposables.

2) Moha Atelier

A micro-enterprise based in West Bengal which was established in 2012, Moha Atelier is known for employing artisans in the village to reduce migration and displacement. It designs and manufactures wedding garments which are handmade and involve extensive embroidery. Moha Atelier currently markets its garments to over 100 retail shops across the country.

3) Krishna Industries

An Uttar Pradesh based micro-enterprise that promises that if a new item is not developed in 96 hours, then the consignment would be free of charge. With recyclable rubber rings and rubber profiles which are also fireproof, Krishna Industries has supplied its material to Burj Khalifa and Doha Airport. It is also an OEM supplier to Tata Motors Limited and Maruti Udyog India Limited.

4) Nature Organic

Nature Organic is a micro-enterprise from Delhi which is making a difference at the grass-root level within the farming industry. With its sole purpose of promoting ethical, sustainable, and planet-friendly farming practices and produce, Nature Organic works with farmers across Kerala, Uttarakhand, and West Bengal to export rice and other organic produce to the USA and Europe.

These are businesses that chose to take that extra step towards being different to serve their cause. The race between the rabbit and tortoise is widely heard of because the tortoise won the race by being loyal to his purpose and achieving his goal despite his capabilities. Ideas are what take you beyond your reach and that is truly what matters. So the next time you have an idea which fits your business well and has vast potential, rather than asking yourself if it is worth the risk, tell yourself that it is truly worth the extra step.

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