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ICEGATE – Guide on What is ICEGATE and How Does it Work?


What is ICEGATE?

ICEGATE – Guide on What is ICEGATE and How Does it Work?

What is ICEGATE?

Customs and Central Excise in India ICEGATE, or Electronic Commerce / Electronic Data Interchange (EC/EDI) Gateway, is a website with more than 8500 users. This commercial site was designed to meet the demands of both traders and cargo management companies who use electronic filing services. This is also used to assist India’s customs department’s clients.

Services and Advantages of ICEGATE

The ICEGATE portal is utilized for an infrastructure project that assists in the fulfillment of the Customs department’s Electronic Commerce or Electronic Data Interchange requirements, as well as Data Communication needs. More than 6.72 lakh importers and exporters have benefited from the portal, according to figures. It is also linked to 15 other types of partners who use the Customs EDI to send messages. This also speeds up some customs clearance times. This will also aid in the facilitation of a number of electronic services, such as the electronic filing of the Bill of Entry and the Shipping Bill.

This portal also benefits different services like:

• Registration of IPR online
• Verification status of the IE code
• It’s also useful for tracking the status of Customs documents.
• It can be used to pay custom duty fees online
• Refund via the IGST
• DEPB/DES/EPCG license verification online
• Using PAN to find data
• Redirecting to various websites that are related to Customs
• Other 24 X 7 services
Click here for information: www.icegate.gov.in

Why does a person need to register with ICEGATE?

In general, ICEGATE registration is done in order to file the Bill of Entry, input shipping bills, and other relevant papers online. In general, this ICEGATE registration is required if you want to use the entire EDI customs port or just a portion of it.
The registration is crucial for
• Import
• Export
• Consol manifest
• IGM or Import general manifest
• EGM or Export general manifest

Here are steps to register for ICEGATE

The ICEGATE new registration process is so simple that anyone can do it on their own. The following are the steps: –
Step 1: Go to the ICEGATE website at https://www.icegate.gov.in/ and log in.
Step 2: Go to the website’s homepage and look for the registration link.
To register on the CBEC’s (Central Board of Excise and Customs) e-commerce website, click the ‘Simplified Registration’ button.
Step 3: Enter and validate your GSTIN, IEC, and the temporary password that the site sends you.
Step 4: Fill in all of the essential information and submit the registration form.
Step 5: Enter the ICEGATE ID and password that was provided to you.
Step 6: Two distinct types of OTPs will be generated and sent to the individual’s registered mobile number and email address.
Step 7: The candidate must complete the registration process by entering authentic OTPs.
Step 8: Review all of the information you’ve supplied and click the ‘Finish’ button.

If the applicant needs to modify their email address or any other information entered on the form, they can do so by clicking on the “Click Here” option. One would be required to disclose their other mobile number and email address in order to do so. After that, an OTP will be generated and delivered to their other email address. It is recommended that accurate information be included; else, the bills may be rejected.

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Documents required for ICEGATE new registration

Some of these documents must be submitted by the applicants in order to complete the registration process.
1) Aadhaar card
2) Voter ID card
3) Passport
4) Driving license
5) Permit or License
6) Order of Commissioner or Authorization Letter
7) Authorization to G Card or F Card

Benefits of using the ICEGATE Portal

The Customs Department has been significantly more accountable after the implementation of the ICEGATE site. This has also aided the Customs department in reducing the number of complaints received from both importers and exporters regarding consignment delivery.

Other advantages of the ICEGATE portal include:
1) The website facilitates the electronic filing of import and export declarations.
2) It has enabled customs to respond to importers and exporters following the assessment of shipping bills and bills of entry.
3) It will assist exporters and importers in monitoring and tracking the document’s online status.
4) This portal is quite useful for submitting questions and receiving rapid responses.

The ICEGATE Portal has benefitted importers and exporters greatly to manage their e-filing services online. It has also helped the Customs department to monitor consignments and complaints. If you are a trader or own a trading company, then ICEGATE registration is a must as it can help simplify majority of your e-filing processes.

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