Getting a Loan Made Easy!

Getting a Loan Made Easy!

Making this one decision may be the only obstacle stopping you from making the most out of your business.

Step 1:    Understand the Requirement

         Analyse your business needs
- Financial health
- Goals to be achieved

Figure out the type of loan
- Business loan / working capital loan / other
- Amount and tenure of the loan

Step 2:    Apply for Loan

         Find lenders that cater to your industry
- Identify the Loan which fits your needs
- Check eligibility
- Calculate monthly Instalments

Organise Documents
- Proof of ownership
- Business Records
- Bank statements
- Income Tax returns
- ID/Address proof
*The required documents may differ from lender to lender.

Book an appointment!
- Get in touch with the lender
- Understand the terms of the loan
- Fill in the application form and submit

Step 3:    Wait for an Approval

          - Regularly check in with your lender
- Provide extra information if/when necessary
- Be patient

Always remember that timely repayment of a loan, ensure a good credit score that can help your business in availing other financial benefits in the future!

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