Five useful apps for MSME owners!

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In the age of a growing demand for digital presence, it goes unsaid that the need of digital technology is important for every small business in India that wants to grow or expand.

May it be from growing your sales, to managing your finances, we have been on a lookout to bring to you, the top 5 must-have apps for every small business, to take them on a faster pace towards growth!

1)    KhataBook

         KhataBook is a Bengaluru based app that can be used to manage credit accounts, record transactions and business dealings, and send SMS reminders to users who are due to pay. Basically, this is an app that handles all the work of a ledger but in an easier way. Another benefit is that it comes in various regional languages, and as it backs up all the data, you do not have to worry about losing any of your details.

Google My Business   Google My Business  Google My Business

Download Khatabook here

2)    Google My Business

         Google my business is an online platform that allows you to promote your busi-ness profile and website on Google search along with Google Maps for free. This gives actual and potential customers, an easy access to your operation hours, phone number, website and directions as well. It also allows its users the freedom to review and rate your business, helping you reach a greater audience while also generating timely insights and reports covering your reach.

Google My Business   Google My Business  Google My Business

Download Google My Business here

3)    IndiaMART

          IndiaMART is India’s largest online B2B wholesale marketplace that connects buy-ers with relevant suppliers and allows them to do business with ease. This app helps in sourcing a wide range of products from importers and exporters across MSMEs and large businesses for every requirements. It has over 5.98 crore regis-tered buyers.

Indiamart1   Indiamart1  Indiamart1

Download Indiamart here

4)    BHIM

         BHIM is an online payment app made by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), used widely for online payments since 2016! It provides around 13 languages for easy accessibility and understanding, across groups. The app has numerous helpful features like linking your bank account and completing IPO re-quests by verifying you as a merchant. Through a QR code system, BHIM among other UPI apps also mark themselves as a safe payments option for sellers and customers.


Download BHIM here

5)    Vyapar

         MSME owners still go through the hassle of creating bills online. To make this pro-cess easier, the Vyapar app is a digital upgrade. This GST filing app can help you deal with functions like invoicing, inventory, and accounting needs. The goal is to lead the focus of MSMEs more on growth and less on the paperwork, making it a favourite among vendors.

Vyapar   Vyapar

Download Vyapar here

The need of the hour for small and medium businesses is to go online and move according to the need of the customers. Going digital will not only assist you in making your life easier but also help you stay on top of your game.

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