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Best Small Business Ideas for Villages and Small Towns in India


Small Business Ideas

Best Small Business Ideas for Villages and Small Towns in India

India has seen significant economic progress in the years after its independence. Various industries have flourished, including automobile, finance, textile, and real estate. With a majority of the population residing in rural India, small-scale industries contribute greatly to the nation’s GDP. The introduction of the ‘Atma Nirbhar Initiative’ by the government fuels the spirits of the Indian entrepreneurs and encourages them to achieve their business goals.

Getting into the entrepreneurial spirit might just be the right step at this time. There are various small business loans and MSME loans to help you to kickstart your venture.

That being said, let’s look at some small business ideas that you can start in your small town or village.

1) Electronics, Mobile and Accessories Store

Every person, even in small towns and villages, requires a cell phone to connect with others. Setting up a local electronics and repair store can provide necessary telecom services to the consumers in the area. Quite often people would plan to buy all the necessary electronic devices from a nearby town or city. An electronic and repair store can enable the residents to visit the store in the vicinity instead of covering a larger distance. With the help of HFS, you can avail a loan for buying commercial premises that can assist you in setting up your store.

2) Clothing Stores or Boutiques

Travelling to the nearest city to shop for clothes during special occasions is a common practice in small towns and villages. Starting a good clothing store with some of the finest qualities of fabrics and a variety of designs sounds like a great plan for business. As a business owner, you will need to look for suitable garment suppliers who can get you some of the trending pieces. Working capital loans can help you set up your boutique business.

3) Poultry or Live-Stock Farm

The poultry farming business has been gaining momentum in recent years due to the active support of government agencies. Poultry products have always had a huge demand in cities, small towns, even villages. However, to run this business, one requires some experience in the field. The poultry farming business does not require much money or land. This business requires only an initial investment, and while the returns are not instant, it does provide the benefit of dual-earnings of meat as well as eggs simultaneously.

4) Organic Fruits and Vegetables Vending Stores

There is a rising demand for organic fruits and vegetables, not just in urban cities but in small towns as well. Lately, consumers have grown really conscious of what they consume and thereby, are switching to organic goods. You will need to contact the right farmers to source the organic goods from them, choose the right store location and also make arrangements to store the goods since they are easily perishable. Arrangements for proper transportation services can help you distribute your organic good to bigger cities as well.

5) Door-to-door service of bottled water

Availability of fresh drinking water has become a necessity even in small towns and villages. People are more aware of the health risks caused by contaminated water and are now looking for secure drinking water services even at home. Therefore, there is a great market for the bottled water business. To set up a packaged water business, you will need to keep in mind a few things, such as the right pH level of the water, a secured packaging unit and provisions for transportation.

6) Solar Businesses

With the increase in energy consumption, the solar business holds great potential to flourish. There are some basic pre-requisites in order to set up a solar business. You will need to know the basics of electricity or contact an electrician who can work with you. It provides a wide scope for various businesses, such as a solar dealership business, which will yield high returns with comparatively low investment. A solar distributor is also a feasible small business idea for a small town or village.

7) Diagnostic Centres

Whether you are from a city or a small town, everyone is prone to sickness. Basic healthcare has become accessible to many due to the provisions made by the government. Despite the efforts, there is still a need for specialised centres to cater to specific requirements. Diagnostic centres are sparsely available in smaller towns and villages and quite often, families need to visit big towns or cities to procure treatment.

Starting a diagnostic centre will prove helpful and also bring convenience to the people residing in the area. One must plan the types of services they want to provide at their diagnostic centre and fulfil all the documentation necessary. Setting up a diagnostic centre doesn’t require much investment. Initially, the investment will only consist of the rent, medicine cost, and the staff’s salary. With HFS’s Equipment and Machinery loan, you can find the right funds to purchase the machinery necessary to set up your diagnostic centre.

8) Sweets Shop

Sweets are a necessity across households in India. Be it a festival or a special occasion, Indian sweets are the go-to celebratory dish. Therefore, the Indian mithai industry is ever going and stepping into this venture is a sound choice. To start a sweets shop, you need to pick the right location to set up the store. You will then have to contact some vendors to source the raw materials required to make the dishes. You will also need to plan out the packaging and delivery services. With our business loans, you can now find the right funds to run your sweets business without any hassles.

9) Bakery

Baked goods such as bread, puffs and cake are popular foods consumed by many Indians making bakeries, a very profitable business in a small town. As most bakeries prepare their own goods, you will require people with expertise in baking to produce good items. You will also need to invest in the machinery and equipment required. You can now find the right funds to purchase your baking equipment with our Equipment and Machinery loans.

In conclusion, while urban industries have seen a slight decline in productivity in the last year, various small-scale industries have started picking up pace. A business’s success widely depends on the way one utilizes the resources around them. There are various business loans to aid you in the process of setting up a small business, such as working capital loans and microloans. Small yet profitable, these small business ideas can help you earn some income during these challenging times.

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