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Aaykar Setu: File Tax Returns with All India ITR’s New App!


Aaykar Setu, Tax Returns

Aaykar Setu: File Tax Returns with All India ITR’s New App!

The Income Tax Department has been taking helpful steps to make the process of paying taxes simpler for us. The Aaykar Setu app is one such step. ‘Aaykar’ means Income Tax and ‘Setu’ means bridge in Hindi. It has a very apt name as it bridges the gap by providing a solution to tax-related queries and providing a better understanding of the taxation process.

This app includes a wide array of useful features including chatbots that provide answers, keyword-based search options, and tools for users to calculate the tax amount using basic information available, etc.

Here are some features that can be helpful for you –

● Users can get answers to their queries which are provided by the experts, through 24×7 chat boxes, all year long.

● Taxpayers can locate Taxpayers Service Offices (TSP) near them.

● Users can also locate Tax Return Preparers (TRP) nearest to them with their name, email, contact details, and location.

● It is possible to apply for PAN, TAN, TDS, etc. while submitting grievances through this app.

● The process of preparing returns and paying taxes is also available.

● Fun MCQ quizzes are available to learn more about Income tax. The game is divided into four levels – Beginner, Normal, Hard, and Difficult.

For a business owner, this app can be beneficial in various ways. It helps file taxes on the ITR website, receive updated tax-related news, and acquire service easily without the hassle of meeting several people.

While the process of filing taxes was tedious and excessive due to the countless paperwork and documents, aaykar setu has completely changed that.

You can search for ‘Aaykar Setu’ on your phone’s app store to install it.


Another option is to give a missed call on ‘+91-7306525252’ to receive a link through which they can download the application.

The final route for downloading the app is to scan the QR code available on the Income Tax Department’s website.

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