How to Improve Your CIBIL Score?

Repay your dues in time

Your ability to repay your dues timely is a testimony to your credibility. It is vital to be disciplined in repaying.

Set credit limit

It is safe to set a credit limit for yourself and use less than the limit to maintain your credit score.

Opt for long-tenure loans

Chances of you being a defaulter in long-term loans are low, as the EMI is easy to pay.

Avoid multiple loans at a time

Maintaining the least number of loans positively impacts your credit score, as less no. of loans means less chances of you being a defaulter.

Know your capability

Taking out a loan to repay another loan without considering your repayment capacity can trap you in the vicious cycle.

Maintain credit history

Having a credit history is necessary to maintain a credit score, regardless of whether you take out loans or not.