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Business Loan in Mumbai

Running a business requires time, hard work, and sufficient capital. But with Hiranandani Financial Services you no longer need to worry about such aspects. HFS provides an easy business loan in Mumbai, so you can focus on your planning, and we can take care of the rest.

Benefits of business loans

- Our business loans allow you to expand your business and make upgrades to improve your operations
- HFS’ unsecured business loan in Mumbai assist you in paying off debts and increasing the credit score of your business
- Business loans come with flexible and convenient repayment options which allow borrowers to pay off loans according to their convenience

Why choose HFS?

HFS holds the prime spot for the best business loan provider in Mumbai. Our personnel of experts make the process of loans extremely easy and favourable for businesses. Listed below are all the reasons why HFS is your ultimate choice for business loans.

- Speedy procedure – HFS provides the fastest and easiest business loan in Mumbai with only three simple steps. This allows you to receive funds as quickly as possible and get started on your operations at the earliest.
- Flexible repayment – We provide flexible repayment options to borrowers to ensure the utmost convenience of business owners. Secured loans are provided with no fixed tenure and borrowers may take as much time as they require. In the case of unsecured loans, the tenure goes up to a helpful duration of 5 years.
- No collateral – HFS provides an easy and accessible unsecured business loan in Mumbai. This makes our loans accessible to businesses across the city, including Micro and small-scale organizations.
- Minimal documentation – Many financial institutions demand a lengthy and time-consuming documentation process while granting business loans. However, this is not the case with HFS. Our minimal documentation enables you to receive fast loans for zero troubles and allows you to put your time and efforts into running your business. Such customer-friendly services are what make HFS the best business loan provider in Mumbai.

How to receive business loans from HFS?


You can avail an unsecured business loan for your organization in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – get in touch with our service providers with a simple call and schedule a meet-up at your doorstep.

Step 2 – Explore your options and complete basic documentation to avail a fast loan at a business loan interest rate that feels most comfortable to you.

Step 3 – receive the required amount in your account in no time and get prepping to make your business dreams come true.

What documents are required to avail loans?

- Proof of Identity
- Proof of Address
- Past 6 months’ bank statements
- Business Continuity Proof
- Latest ITR and Computation of Income
- Certified copies of Partnership Deed and Memorandum & Articles of Association
- A copy of property documents for secured loans

By providing the aforementioned documents, you can apply for a quick business loan online for your organization.

What are the eligibility criteria for business loans?

HFS makes business loans accessible to individuals and organizations of all types by offering highly lenient business loan eligibility. This includes the following:

- A minimum applicant age of 21 years
- A minimum of 3 years in business
- A minimum annual income of 24 Lacs p.a. for individuals. - A profit-making streak for 2 years in case of businesses

HFS allows you to run your business smoothly and effectively by providing business loans that are accessible and quick. With our flexible repayment options, no collateral, and expert team of professionals, we offer financial assistance like no other institution in the market.