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Business Loan in Jaipur

Being the capital of Rajasthan and flaunting the honour of being a World Heritage site, Jaipur houses a bustling economy. The city is ahead of its time in multiple fields such as education, tourism, jewellery manufacturing, and more.

Jaipur is the commercial hotspot of handicrafts and is consequently embedded with stores selling bangles, pottery items, carpets, and other products in every nook and cranny of the place. The presence of institutions like the FICCI, PHDCCI, and CII also contribute to the city’s advantageous edge in trade and commerce.

For individuals contemplating the best locations for business in India, Jaipur is the ultimate place to be. By creating a concrete strategy, putting in dedicated efforts, and receiving a business loan in Jaipur, entrepreneurs can operate their business and thrive in the Pink City.

How can a business loan from HFS benefit your organization?

Established with the aim to support micro and small businesses in India, Hiranandani Financial Services houses the best loan plans to offer financial assistance to organizations. At present, our branches are available in 7 states across the country.

- We provide easy and simple steps for applying for a business loan in Jaipur
- By keeping your comfort and convenience in mind, we have come up with doorstep services wherein our personnel meet you at your door
- We offer lucrative plans for both secured and unsecured business loans in Jaipur
- HFS’ minimal documentation and speedy approval ensures that no time is wasted in providing your organization its required funds
- We provide large loan amounts for both secured and unsecured business loans in Jaipur
- HFS offers flexible tenures so you can pay us back in your own time at your convenience
- HFS is amongst the most renowned small business loan providers in Jaipur and by receiving a loan from us, you can increase your working capital, upgrade your machinery/ facilities, expand your ventures, and pay off pending debts.

Steps to receive a loan from HFS

HFS’ easy accessibility allows anybody to apply for a business loan online. Follow the steps provided below to apply for a loan:

Step 1- Give us a call or visit our website to get in touch with our personnel.

Step 2 – Schedule an appointment and call us at your doorstep.

Step 3 – Discuss your requirements with our staff and provide necessary documents and verification.

Step 4 – Choose and discuss your preferred tenure and EMI.

Step 5 – Wait for a short period to have your loan approved by our team.

Step 6 – Receive funds into your account and utilize them as per your wish

Types of loans provided by HFS

Being one of the best small business loan providers in Jaipur, HFS caters to the needs of small organizations by offering favourable and feasible loan plans. We provide two types of business loans, namely Smart Business loans and secured business loans.

Smart Business loan

- This is an unsecured business loan that offers an amount of up to 25 lakhs
- Tenure for this loan ranges between 1 to 5 years
- No guarantor or collateral is required for this loan
- EMIs pertaining to Smart Business loans are highly affordable

Secured Business loan


- With this type of loan, firms can borrow up to 2 crores
- Borrowers have the freedom to choose a tenure as per their convenience
- The business loan interest rate for secured loans is adjusted according to the chosen loan amount and tenure
- Secured loans at HFS comes equipped with a Balance Transfer facility

Eligibility criteria for receiving a loan from HFS

To meet our business loan eligibility standards, the following criteria need to be met:

- Applicants of over 21 years
- Businesses with 3+ years of experience
- Identifying as a profit-making business in the last 2 years
- A minimum annual income of 24 Lacs is required

Documents required for applying for a loan from HFS

Business loans at HFS can be accessed with minimal documentation. All that is required are proof of address, proof of residence, bank statements for the last 6 – 12 months, computation of income, copy of Partnership Deed, and if applicable, a business continuity proof and copy of collaterals.