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Business Loan in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the largest metro cities of India with a flourishing IT sector. It accounts for over 80% of Karnataka’s economy and is estimated to house over 1 million IT employees. Bangalore is ahead of the curve in multiple other sectors such as biotechnology, aerospace, manufacturing, and real estate. The large population of Bangalore constituting people from all stages of life makes the city an ideal location for business.

Many residents of Bangalore are eager to start their own businesses in an attempt to meet the diverse and growing demand of the city’s demographic. However, managing a business requires more than a vision. It also requires capital. Therefore, to assist the entrepreneurs of the city, financial institutions such as Hiranandani Financial Services are providing business loan in Bangalore with convenient tenures and affordable interest rates.

Advantages of taking business loans from HFS

- Many borrowers look for renowned brands while seeking loans. Hiranandani Financial Services has a presence across multiple Indian cities and has helped several businesses in realizing their dreams. We provide the assurance of reliability and trust and have therefore earned a spot as one of the best providers of MSME loans in Bangalore. - Our services are available right at your doorstep. With a simple click of the mouse, you can achieve funds for your business from the comfort of your couch.
- HFS’ unsecured business loans in Bangalore are offered with minimal documentation thus enabling you to receive fast funds by saving time on lengthy formalities.
- We understand the need for fast loans while making business endeavours. Therefore, we provide an extremely fast loan processing time with zero hassle for a smooth and convenient experience.

HFS’ flexible tenures and affordable rate of interest, appended by the aforementioned benefits is what makes us the leading provider of business loan in Bangalore.

Types of loans provided by HFS


We offer two types of business loans: Smart business loans and Secured Business Loans.

Smart Business Loan

Our Smart Business loan can be available by MSMEs as below:

- Borrowers may avail a loan amount of up to 25 lakhs
- The tenure for this type of loan ranges from 12 to 60 months
- The loan can be accessed without any collateral or guarantor by firms seeking unsecured business loans in Bangalore
- Borrowers can enjoy the convenience of doorstep service
- Based on the loan amount, affordable rates of interest are allotted

Secured Business Loan

- Borrowers may avail a loan amount of up to 2 crores
- Unlike in the case of an unsecured business loan, these loans come with flexible tenure
- Organizations may receive loans for up to 70% of the property’s market value
- The business loan interest rate for this type of loan is highly affordable and can be adjusted according to the tenure chosen by the borrower
- These loans come with the privilege of a balance transfer facility which allows you to transfer the balance any time you wish thereby reducing your high EMI’s.

Depending upon your wish and requirement, you can apply for either type of these loans. Thanks to our digital presence and accessibility, you can apply for HFS’ business loan online with a few simple clicks and have our personnel reach you at your doorstep.

Eligibility and mandatory documents

Our business loan eligibility criteria and minimal documentation to make loan-taking convenient and accessible for all. Applicants over 21 years of age and businesses with a minimum of 3 years’ experience are considered eligible.

Basic documents such as proof of identity, residential proof, recent bank statements, and business continuity proof are all that you require to avail our fast and lucrative business loans.